Monday, February 18, 2013

The Most NCAA Tournament Appearances

This is a bit over done, but given the time of year and what everyone is talking about is worthwhile analysis.   Although, we always show the five that have never made the tournament on this blog (see upper right hand corner).  Just to remind you they are Army, The Citadel, St. Francis of New York, William and Mary and Northwestern.   It doesn't look like any of these schools will break their droughts this year either.  

With the tournament just around the corner, I thought it might be interesting to just list what schools have been in the NCAA Tournament the most.  Hopefully, I have not missed a school and it gets a little confusing at the end as there are several teams with 20 to 22 appearances that may have made it the last couple of years when I had to manually tabulate each school.   For purposes of this list even vacated appearances are counted.   (IE:  probation or scandal caused the NCAA to require the school to vacate an appearance it previously made). 

1.    Kentucky                  53
2.    Kansas                      44
3.    UCLA                       44
4.    North Carolina          43
5.    Louisville                   38
6.    Duke                         36
6.    Indiana                      36
8.    Villanova                  32
8.    Notre Dame              32
10     UConn                      31 
11.  Marquette                 30
11.  Temple                     30
11.   Texas                       30
14.   Illinois                     29
14.   Arizona                    29
14.   Arkansas                  29
17.   St. John's                  28   (and 27 NIT appearances)
17.   Ohio State                28
17.   Georgetown             28
20.   Utah                         27
20.   BYU                        27
22.   Oklahoma                26
22.   Cincinnati                26 
24.   Kansas State            26
25.   Oklahoma State       24
26.   Princeton                 23
26.   Memphis                 23
26.   Maryland                 23

The first seven are really no surprise.   Villanova appears high and for those that don't know their history might be surprised.   Temple and Marquette might be surprises also given their midmajor status.   Also, note that besides UCLA and Arizona, none of the Pac-12's long time member schools (discounting Utah as  new member) appear (Washington, Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford, USC or Washington State) all of which have storied traditions, just not NCAA Tournament tradition. 

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