Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Coaching Salaries

Welcome to the season!  

College basketball has become a huge business.  Escalating coaching salaries are as much a part of the game as scholarships, the NCAA Tournament, and basketball itself.   Contract extensions, buyouts and shoe contracts along with incentive laden contracts dictate the agenda of universities across the country as much as academics or graduation.   Accordingly, we here at are going to follow the money for our first report. 

What follows is the best compilation I could make of salaries either for the upcoming season or last year for coaches in the western United States.   I'm in the west and to be honest compiling every coaches salary from the 347 division I institutions was overwhelming.   A similar pattern would exist throughout the country with the lower division I conferences (Big Sky in this case) making proportionately less than the midmajors (WAC then MWC) and proportionate to the BCS league the PAC 12 in this case -- which has a pile of millionaires.  

The information was primarily compiled from general internet researches regarding the respective coaches and their institutions.   Private schools are not required to release this information and accordingly the West Coast Conference which is comprised exclusively of private schools is left out, with the exception of Dave Rose at BYU whose information was available in the Salt Lake Tribune.  * (Astrix) indicate footnoted items and there could be a footnote for basically every coach and every contract as most contracts have certain incentive or specifications which allow for higher pay or reduced pay depending on results and behavior. Some of the information may be different in different publications as there are various reports on some coaches and incentive laden contracts are often reported different ways by different media sources. 

In the right column is information I am still working on compiling which may come to fruition some time in the future.  Essentially, I am looking for a metric which would measure a coaches salary against his nonconference schedule (which they are usually allowed to make).  Essentially allowing themselves a away to schedule themselves to a higher salary.   At this point I could not make it too useful and it can be ignored.  I will continue to work on this metric as I still think it has some merit, just not sure of the appropriate formula.    

Again, I look forward to the season and providing incite, history and tradition of college and high school basketball. 

Coach                                                             School                                         __Salary

Joe ScottDenver $300,000
Stew MorrillUtah State$406,409
Don VerlinIdaho                               $148,149*
Gib ArnoldHawaii$340,000
Brooks ThompsonTexas State $125,000
Marvin MenziesNew Mexico State$340,000
Dick HunsakerUtah Valley$144,500
Rod BarnesCal State Bakersfield$140,004
PAC 12
Larry KrystowiakUtah$950,000
Dana AltmanOregon$1,800,000
Craig RobinsonOregon State                                $950000*
Tad BoyleColorado$580,000
Sean MillerArizona$2,300,000
Lorenzo RomarWashington                          $1,105,000**
Ken BoneWashington State                           $840,408***
Herb SendekArizona State$1,280,000
Ben HowlandUCLA$2,000,000
Kevin O'NeilUSC$1,700,000
Mike MontgomeryCalifornia$1,450,000
Johnny DawkinsStanford                  $1,200,000****
Larry Eustachy Colorado State                            $500,000*
Dave RiceUNLV$700,000
Steve AlfordNew Mexico$1,200,000
Dave CarterNevada$400,000
Leon RiceBoise State$400,000
Rodney TerryFresno State$350,000
Steve FisherSan Diego State$800,000
Dave PilipovichAir Force                     N/A
Larry ShyattWyoming                         $195,000^^
Randy RaheWeber State$352,156
Jack MurphyNorthern Arizona$180,000
BJ HillNorthern Colorado$105,000
Wayne TinkleMontana$127,308
Brad HuseMontana State$113,824
Tyler GevingPortland State$120,000
Saul PhillipsNorth Dakota State$135,000
Nick Robinson Southern Utah                 ^^^
Jim HanfordEastern Washington$90,000
Brian KatzSacramento State$90,000
Bill EvansIdaho State$90,000
Joe Callero Cal Poly$180,000
Bob WilliamsUCSB$235,000
Bobby BraswellCal State Northridge$241,000
Jim WoolridgeUC Riverside$230,000
Bobby BurtonCal State Fullerton       interim coach
Russell TurnerUC Irvine$205,000
Jim LesUC Davis $120,000^
Tim ClearyPacific                  N/A
Dan MonsonLong Beach State$280,000
Tim FloydUTEP                             $600,000*
Doug DavalosTexas State$120,000
Dave RoseBYU                              $333,000*
Tim MilesNebraska$1,400,000
Scott NagySouth Dakota State$152,000
Dave BootsSouth Dakota    $122,780
Brian JonesNorth Dakota$86,384

USA Today complied an thoroughly researched list of guaranteed contracts and incentives for coaches of the 68 schools that reached the NCAA Tournament.  Here is a link:

*Indicates coach with a high incentive % of potential income from incentives. 
Example:  Eustachy's base salary is $500,000. He can earn an additional $250,000 if he meets academic standards set by CSU and the team has no NCAA violations. Then, if after he meets graduation rates and there are no NCAA violations, he can earn up to another $350,000, split in two ways. He'll get $100,000 if the team wins 20 games or more and $250,000 if the team gets an NCAA Tournament bid or wins its conference tournament. And he'll get another $100,000 if the team advances to the Sweet 16.
**There is another $200,000 in bonuses and incentives for on-court and classroom success, and $200,000 in deferred compensation, meaning the total potential value is $1.505 million per year
***Bone will have multiple incentive stipulations in his contract, including $20,000 if the team earns at least a 2.5 grade-point average; $25,000 for an NCAA-tournament berth or league coach-of-the-year honor; $50,000 for a Pac-10 season or tournament title, an NCAA Sweet 16 appearance, an NIT championship or national coach-of-the-year award, and $100,000 for a Final Four appearance
****Stanford is private school and does not release information however his initial salary was estimated at 1 million annually and he received a bump in 2011.  See Link:

^Les Receives 80000 for coaching the basketball team and an additional 40000 for teaching physical education classes. 
^^Shyatt's total compensation package could earn him up to $645,000 with incentives. 
^^^I could not find Robinson's salary.  Likely in the same range as fellow Big Sky members coaches.