Friday, March 10, 2017

Supplemental Information

I don't post often to this site anymore.  I felt I'd written what I had to say about the game.   I keep it active because I hope there is some useful historical information, Pat Conroy's ties to the game and its significance in his life deserve some preservation, and I put in too much time to let it just die.  For $24 a year it can be preserved.  Although I could spend hours trying to update everything that changes every year, it is just much fast to touch on some of the events that have happened since i last wrote on the blog.   Accordingly, it easier much easier to touch on just some of the event in one update in one "Supplemental" information post.

First, Northwestern will appear in its first NCAA Tournament.  Previously, to the right I indicated that there were five schools that have never appeared in the NCAA Tournament.  Now there are only four -- The Citadel (Conroy's alma mater), Army, St. Francis of New York and William and Mary.  It's still a good trivia question when you are watching game basketball piers, although it is now being hyped more because Northwestern's appearance has brought light to the subject.

Secondly, our mentor/honoree passed away last year.   Pat Conroy's works always had a basketball theme.  We were able to thread his work into some historical significance related to the game: 
The Great Santini and the Jump Shot.  I still think this is the best post I have written.  Somehow, Conroy's work, Kenny Sailors, the NCAA Tournament and history of the game are tied together.  It's never mentioned on ESPN or by Fran Frascilla, but at it's heart this is what this blog was about.   Conroy released, The Death of Santini in 2013 - he passed away last year.  The outstanding memoir chronicles Conroy's life as a writer providing a background to his mother, father and family's reaction to the Great Santini, his thinking when writing his novels and more on his own life.   It really is a great read if you have any interest in Pat Conroy or just want to learn who Pat Conroy is.

As the years pass by other events occur that relate to this blog.   Bruce Collins was inducted into the Weber State Hall of Fame.  Portland State appeared in the NCAA Tournament.   Salt Lake Community College continues it's rise as a Junior College powerhouse replacing the College of Southern Idaho largely due to those AAU games I spent so many hours officiating. I could not begin to touch on everything that has happened as the years go by.

This year I will attend my first Final Four in Phoenix, a culmination of everything that is basketball.  My alma mater, the University of Arizona will have a chance of making it to the Final Four.

Two weeks ago at the regional tournament of the smallest schools in the smallest state a fellow official brought a rule book from 1940-41 a picture of the the officers and members who wrote the rules is below.   Amazingly, from this basic rule book the game has evolved into what it is today.   To think it all started with this rule book.