Friday, February 1, 2008

Mighty Mites

Jeremiah Dominguez scored 26 points last night for PDX State as the Vikings beat Montana 70-68. Dominguez hit 7 of 13 field goal attempts and currently leads the Vikings averaging over 12 points per game.

Dominguez is only 5'6" tall! It isn't hard to find his chief rival as the nation's best small player, just drive down I-5 to Eugene where 5'6" Tajuan Porter is averaging over 12 points per game for the Ducks.

Many would argue that Bob Cousy, John Stockton or Isiah Thomas are the greatest small players of all time. Let's make something clear, they were all at least five inches taller than either Dominguez or Porter! Hard to believe that the Ducks could have missed out on Dominguez as he is from nearby Salem. Perhaps they already felt Porter from Detroit filled their quickness niche. In a game that is designed for those with height, what is going on in Oregon with Dominguez and Porter is phenomenal! Inch for inch the best basketball is being played in Oregon.

The two did not play this year. Hopefully in future seasons as both players are sophomores. The matchup is too good to ignore.

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